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... is a set of beliefs or practices that devalue and discriminate against people with physical, intellectual, or psychiatric disabilities and often rests on the assumption that disabled people need to be ‘fixed’ in one form or the other. Ableism is intertwined in our culture, due to many limiting beliefs about what disability does or does not mean, how able-bodied people learn to treat people with disabilities and how we are often not included at the table for key decisions.
(Center for Disability Rights,, 07.05.20)

Overcoming Ableism: What You Don't Know As An Able Bodied Person | Naty Rico, TEDxTalks

Experiences of ableism at the UoC

The #unboxingdiscrimination campaign collects and shares experiences and observations of ableism at the UoC. If you too would like to share something, please click here.