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Gender Equality and Diversity at the University of Cologne

The University of Cologne is proactively promoting diversity, a plurality of perspectives and equal opportunities and has anchored this in both its " Equal Opportunities" Strategy and its "Gender Equality and Diversity" Principle. Strategies, concepts, structures and measures for administration, research and teaching have been implemented to increase diversity, to sensitise individuals for ( in)equality of opportunities and to reduce discrimination.

In 2018, the University of Cologne received the Total E-Quality award for outstanding gender equality work for the fourth time, and the "Gleichstellungszukunftskonzept 2019-2024" (Gender Equality Future Concept) was positively evaluated within the framework of the Female Professors Programme III. Gender equality is firmly anchored as one of the seven central excellence measures in the Institutional Strategy of the UoC 2012-2017. Within the framework of Target and Performance Agreements with the faculties, gender equality goals are specified and their implementation financially rewarded.

In addition, the University of Cologne has established a large number of structures and measures in the fields of inclusion, educational justice and anti-discrimination, which were combined and strategically linked by the overarching strategy development process within the framework of the Diversity Audit "Shaping Diversity" (2017/2018).

The University of Cologne, the RWTH Aachen, the TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences), the Forschungszentrum Jülich and the DLR underline their close partnership through Joint Guidelines on Equal Opportunities.

Further institutions as well as measures and services in the field of diversity and equal opportunities can be found on our Gender Equality & Diversity Portal at:

Central Strategic Aims and Selected Measures