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Work and Sexual Division of Labor

Gender and Politics seminar aims to introduce students to the fields of gender and politics by presenting the main contributions of feminist theories to the analysis of states, institutions, policymaking, and politics. The course uses the core concepts of gender and politics scholarship to analyze how citizenship, welfare policies, and societal relations are constructed. The readings engage with notions of sex and gender, explore how they have shaped public policies, and how public policies have affected the social, economic, and political dynamics.
The seminar closely examines the policy fields of political representation, labor, care, migration, violence, and sexual health. The seminar is held as weekly sessions. Each session includes theory lectures, empirical examples, group work/assignments, and class discussion. The seventh session, which is open to Diversity Week, will examine the policy field of work and sexual division of labor.
During this session, we will first conceptualize paid work, unpaid work and their interrelation. Second, we will discuss important concepts such as the sexual division of labor, feminization of employment, and male-and-dual breadwinner models with empirical examples. Third, we will discuss the gendered dynamics of work by highlighting contemporary statistics.

Please register to the seminar, since we have limited physical space in the seminar room: celebi@wiso.uni-koeln.de

Contact: Elifcan Celebi (Cologne Center for Comparative Politics)
When: 26.05.2023 Friday, 12:00-13:30 pm
Where: Room S103, IBW building