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... entails degradation, contempt, disregard, exclusion or violence against persons on the basis of factual or attributed group-specific characteristics such as gender (which includes both legal gender and identification gender), sexual orientation/identity, race, disability/illness, religion/belief, age or on the basis of further individual differentiation characteristics (e.g. appearance, institutional membership in an organisation).
(Directive on Discrimination, Sexualised Violence and Bullying of the UoC)

General Equal Treatment Act Explanatory video, Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (german)

Unconcious Bias

Discrimination can be caused by unconscious biases. These are distortion effects of our perception which we are not aware of. These distortions arise in connection with stereotypes and are directly related to social discrimination processes. They affect our judgements, our decision-making and eventually our actions. They can influence personnel selection decisions, performance appraisals and can cause biased judgements, even if we think we are acting fairly.

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