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expand: Preisträger*innen 2019

Foto: Andreas Klein

In the second part of the event, the Jenny Gusyk Equal Opportunity Awards honored outstanding commitment.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Heinz, who, on behalf of the ECONtribute cluster of excellence, accepted the "Innovation Award" in the amount of € 3,000 for a structural measure in the area of appointments. The concept includes a broadly diversified and deliberately open call for professorships in conjunction with a pre-recruitment program in order to network potential young female scientists with the University of Cologne at an early stage. Candidates who have already been recruited will in turn act as role models within the WiSo faculty. The appointment and recruiting concept serves as a model for other strong research areas in which women are underrepresented, and makes Cologne known as an equal opportunity science location.

Andreas Dömmecke, Head of the Department for Student Affairs, who received the prize "Family-Friendly Leadership" in the amount of 1,000 €. Dömmecke was nominated by almost all colleagues* in Department 2 because he lives family friendliness in a very special way and is committed to the compatibility of family/care and career of his employees, even independently of existing measures and sometimes even beyond working hours. As a modern manager, he focuses on the needs of his employees, for whom individual solutions must be found.

Christiane Jopek & David Michel, whose two outstanding works were awarded the "Young Talent Award" in the amount of € 1,000. C. Jopek's work "Homosexual Women in the 'Third Reich'", in the field of tension between National Socialist women's ideology, population policy and persecution" sheds light on the situations of women with same-sex desires during the National Socialist era. The work clearly points out gaps in research on this topic and draws attention to the hitherto largely unnoticed group of victims, thus raising awareness of the topic among the broader public.
D. Michel's work "Critical-psychological and queer-theoretical criticism of widespread gender surveys" examines the recording of gender in psychological studies. He not only critically reflects on psychological empirical research, but also presents constructive suggestions.

Following the official part of the program, there was an opportunity for a joint exchange of ideas, which was actively used by those present.

General information about the Jenny Gusyk Award as well as information on how to apply can be found on the website of the Equal Opportunities Officer.