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Image: Andreas Köstler

Subproject "Antidiskriminierung" (Anti-discrimination)

A competent and productive approach to diversity requires the reduction of discrimination, both on a structural and individual level. On the one hand, there is a necessity for action from a legal point of view. The legal framework is the General Act on Equal Treatment ( Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz - AGG), which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation. Other dimensions of discrimination must also be taken into account, e.g. social background. On the other hand, the educational mandate obliges us as a university to provide all people, regardless of their social characteristics, with suitable educational opportunities. However, the scientific system is not free from structural discrimination based on racism, sexism, colonialism or heteronormativity.

As part of the subproject "Antidiskriminierung" (Anti-discrimination), we have set ourselves the goal of developing a guideline on anti-discrimination for the University of Cologne. In addition, we want to structurally expand and network the existing complaint procedures and contact points for experiences of discrimination and establish a joint quality assurance system. Instruments for identifying discrimination are to be improved and awareness and prevention measures further expanded.

All established contact points and responsible persons are involved in the subproject "Antidiskriminierung" (Anti-discrimination). In general, the subproject group is open to all other interested parties. If you are interested, please contact the subproject management.

Dr. Britt Dahmen
Department for Gender & Diversity Management