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Subproject "Bildungsgerechtigkeit" (Educational Justice)

The fact that teenagers and young adults from so-called non-academic parental homes and/or from an immigrant background experience more obstacles with regard to access to higher education, more frequently do not complete their studies and continue to be disadvantaged on their professional path even after graduation shows how social inequalities and structural educational injustices are connected and become effective on an individual level.

In order to establish educational justice permanently and sustainably as a task of the university, with the goal of reducing educational injustices in the long term, agents on all levels - whether in research, teaching or administration - must be made aware of specific issues of inequality and included in the diversity strategy development of the University of Cologne.

We have set several goals for ourselves within the framework of the subproject "Bildungsgerechtigkeit" (Educational Justice). On the one hand, established, but often insufficiently differentiated and partly reifying and stigmatising terms and concepts - such as "Migrationshintergrund" (immigrant background) or "Bildungsferne" (educationally disadvantaged) - are to be critically and collectively reflected upon. On this basis, a precise and non-discriminatory terminology will be formulated and common theoretical references of the subproject will be outlined.
On the other hand, we would like to make existing measures and projects within the University of Cologne for the reduction of educational injustice more visible and interlink them, as well as develop and implement new measures on all levels (research, teaching, administration).

Together, we would like to raise awareness for ascription and discrimination processes within the institution, as well as in the production of scientific knowledge, and to name concrete goals in order to create a university environment that is sensitive to diversity and provides a just educational experience.

Prof. Dr. Argyro Panagiotopoulou
Speaker of the Competence Area V: Social Inequalities and Intercultural Education (SINTER)

Ann Christine Kolwes
Project Coordinator First Generation Doctorate Mentoring+
Albertus Magnus Graduate Center