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Toilets for all genders at the University of Cologne

At the end of 2017, the Rectorate of the University of Cologne decided to install "WCs for all genders" (mixed-use toilet facilities) in all central buildings. Individual areas or institutions of the university are invited to mark already shared facilities accordingly or to redesignate individual toilet rooms as "toilets for all genders" - as long as a sufficient number of toilets for women and men remains.


The implementation of the decision is constantly being pushed forward so that WCs for all genders can now be found in the following places:

  • in the main building of the university (U2.057, U2.056 - next to the Room of Silence and UG.3.0119 - next to the house printing office near the e-room)
  • in the Philosophikum (opposite the information desk)
  • on the Human Sciences Campus in module construction (1.13, 1.14)
  • in the main building of the Human Sciences Campus in Block B (-1,201)
  • at the Unisport on the first floor of the sports hall (building 119, BT1)
  • in the seminar center of the Human Resources Development Science and Technology & Administration (Building 124, Kerpener Str. 15. Ground floor. Room 0.01)
  • In planning: On 01.09.2020, the Rectorate approved that in the course of the upcoming renovation of building 131 (Weyertal 119, future headquarters of the IT department) a "WC for all genders" facility should be planned in the ground floor and basement of the learning and seminar rooms. For this purpose, a planned toilet facility (with cabins) is to be rededicated for this purpose in the planning. The renovation is to be completed by 2024. Thus, the central computer science campus will also have a gender-neutral toilet facility.
  • In planning: In the course of the upcoming renovation of the WiSo building 101 (Universitätsstraße 24), there will be a WC facility for all genders. The renovation should be completed by 2024. This means that the central WiSo campus will also have a WC facility for all genders.
  • In planning: On 08.12.2020, the Rectorate approved that both parent-child offices and a WC for all genders be considered in the course of the new Geology building (Building 310), Zülpicher Str. 49. The new building is to be completed in 2027.
  • In planning: In the Department of Geosciences, Building 310, Zülpicher Straße 49, middle section, basement, an existing toilet facility will be rededicated for users.

Furthermore, we are currently working on further possibilities for the main university building and the SSC building.


expand: WC für alle Geschlechter Lageplan_Campus
WCs for all genders in the main building, the Philosophikum, the HR Development für Researchers and at UniSport
expand: Lageplan WCs für alle Geschlechter, Humanwissenschaftliche Fakultät
WCs for all genders at the Faculty of Human Sciences