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EU research project UniSAFE

Study on sexualized discrimination and violence in universities and research institutions

The University of Cologne is participating in an EU-wide research project on sexualized discrimination and violence in universities and research institutions. It aims to gain comprehensive knowledge about the mechanisms and effects of sexualized discrimination and violence and to develop appropriate concepts to counteract it.

For this purpose, a survey will be conducted at the University of Cologne from 17 January to 13 February 2022. The access link was sent to all staff and students on 17 January via the university's internal mail distribution list (PUMA/SMAIL). If you have not received the link, please contact us with a valid Uni Köln email address: unisafe(at)
By participating, you can help to create solid and measurable data for the often under-reported problem of sexualised discrimination and violence, whether or not you have (witnessed) gender-based violence yourself.

About the study

Sexualized discrimination and violence is a widespread phenomenon that occurs in many organizations, including universities and research institutions. Violations, abuse, and violence can be physical, sexual, economic/financial, or psychological in nature, on- or offline, and can include gender-based or sexual harassment. It is not limited to violence against women, but can affect all people.

Although there is growing political importance and interest in the issue, sexual discrimination and violence remains underreported. And it is not sufficiently researched. This is a major problem, because without accurate knowledge, it is difficult to prevent it through appropriate infrastructure, measures and activities, to counter it effectively and ultimately to prosecute it.

The study therefore uses surveys, in-depth case studies, interviews and a strategic inventory to analyze data from 46 universities and research institutions in 15 European countries over the next three years. Among them is the University of Cologne. They all want to contribute to gaining sound knowledge about sexualized discrimination and violence in research institutions in order to derive concrete instruments and measures.

What is the University of Cologne doing in the area of (sexualised) discrimination?

The University of Cologne promotes a culture of looking and is actively committed to being a non-discriminatory and non-violent place to study, teach and work for its members and staff.

Central contact and counselling points in the event of discrimination can be found here on the portal at:

Further information on sexualised discrimination can be found on the page of the Central Equal Opportunities Officer at:

Information on anti-discrimination as well as the Antidiscrimination Directive of the University of Cologne can be found here:

Further information on the UniSAFE project

Further information can be found on the project page of GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences:

And on the central UniSAFE project page at: