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EU research project UniSAFE

Study on sexualized discrimination and violence in universities and research institutions

The University of Cologne is one of 46 institutions participating in the EU-wide research project UniSAFE on sexualized discrimination and violence in universities and research institutions. The study aims to gain comprehensive knowledge about the mechanisms and effects of sexualized discrimination and violence and to develop suitable concepts to counteract them.

The results of the two study modules "Case Studies" and "Survey" are now available.
The "Case Studies" module at the UzK focused on the evaluation of the "Guidelines for Dealing with Sexualized Discrimination and Bullying" and their implementation. The content of the guideline, the broad internal cooperation at the central and decentralized levels, the numerous persons responsible, and the anchored counseling and complaint services were rated very highly. Possibilities for development were mentioned with regard to improving the internal visibility of the guideline, as well as making the qualifications of the individual advice and complaints offices more visible to those seeking advice.

From January 17 to February 13, 2022, the UzK also participated in the "Online Survey". The comprehensive survey was sent to all employees and students of the University of Cologne via the internal distribution lists (PUMA/SMAIL). A total of 42,000 responses were received from the 46 universities and research institutions in Europe. This makes the survey the largest multilingual survey ever conducted on this topic in the European Research Area. First key results can be found in the official press release on the UniSAFE project page.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey! You are helping to create solid and measurable data for the often insufficiently considered problem of sexualized discrimination and violence and to increase the visibility of the topic in the universities!