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11th GenderForum 27.11.2023

On 11 November 2023, the Prorector for Academic Careers and Equal Opportunities, the Central Equal Opportunities Officer and the Gender & Diversity Management Department invite you to the 11th GenderForum of the University of Cologne.

13:00 Welcome, review, outlook (Stephan M. Schröder, Annelene Gäckle)
13:30 Keynote lecture "Intersektionale Gleichstellungsarbeit  - eine Einführung" (Gabi Rosentreich, Berlin)
14:00 Intersectional gender equality projects: Practical examples at the University of Cologne
14:30 Presentation of the Jenny Gusyk Equality Awards
from 15:15 Welcome with drinks and snacks

The GenderForum 2023 will take place as an attendance event in the conference room of the New Seminar Building.
(There will be a sign language interpretation)

Impulse lecture "Intersectional Equality Work - An Introduction"

Gender equality is a so-called vertical approach. It focuses on one social category (gender) and aims to reduce gender inequalities. In contrast, diversity is a horizontal approach that seeks to take into account all social categories and break down barriers to equal participation for members of all minoritised groups.  An intersectional perspective tries to take into account the interlocking of different categories and forms of discrimination. So what does an intersectional perspective mean for gender equality work?

The keynote lecture looks at the relationship between gender equality policy/practice and the diversity approach, introduces the concept of "intersectionality" and highlights some needs for action, challenges and approaches to action in gender equality work from an intersectional perspective.

The lecture will be held in German and there will be sign language interpretation. Questions and contributions to the discussion are welcome in both German and English.

Gabi Rosenstreich (she) started her professional and activist career in feminist anti-violence work and has since been working as a researcher and practitioner in various fields of work on issues of dealing with difference. Since 2000, she has been a freelance speaker/trainer on the topics of diversity, intersectionality, empowerment/powersharing, anti-discrimination and organisational development (

Until June 2023, she was responsible for the field of diversity and anti-discrimination at the Free University of Berlin ( and before that she was the women's representative at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin.  Since July 2023, she has been deputy head of the department "Diversity in Justice and Society" at the Berlin Senate Department for Justice and Consumer Protection.



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