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... is gender-based prejudice or discrimination. As with other forms of prejudice and discrimination, it functions to maintain status and power differences between groups in society. One manifestation of sexism involves prejudice and discrimination against girls and women who seek to achieve in prestigious fields traditionally associated with males. Another manifestation of sexism, however, occurs when pressures are placed on boys and men to conform to traditional conceptions of masculinity.
(Science Direct,, 8.5.20)

The following links give an overview of the topic sexism.

Sexism, Council or Euorpe










Experiences of sexism at the UoC

The #unboxingdiscrimination campaign collected and shared experiences and observations of sexism at the UoC.

"After a presentation I was told by a lecturer that if I wanted to be taken seriously in the scientific world, I should wear a smaller neckline, because otherwise my male fellow students and listeners would not be able to concentrate."

Sexualized discrimination at the UoC

On the website of the Central Equal Opportunities Officer of the UoC you will find further information on the subject of sexualized discrimination and violence, as well as the campaign "Klare Worte: Gegen sexualisierte Diskriminierung" ("Clear words: Against sexualized discrimination".)









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