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She Is A Camera: American Women Directors

In this course, we will retrace film history by looking at the contributions of women filmmakers. Using theoretical texts and key concepts from psychoanalytical theory, feminist film criticism, and film semiotics, we will analyze what's going on in front of, and behind the camera—and of course our own part as spectators. In this regard, the course functions as an 'introduction to film studies' as well as the attempt at an 'alternative film history' that is not mainly organized around male (and mostly white) protagonists. Examples range from Ida Lupino to Julie Dash, from Lucille Ball to Fleabag, and consider a broad spectrum that comprises drama, horror films, pornography, teen films, documentary and others. How do male gazes and female gazes function, how can and have they been subverted, expanded and overcome?

Den Klips-Link zu der Veranstaltung finden Sie hier: https://klips2.uni-koeln.de/co/wbLv.wbShowLVDetail?pStpSpNr=270237

Institution und Kontakt: Englisches Seminar I, bjoern.sonnenberguni-koeln.de