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The anti-discrimination campaign #unboxingdiscrimination focuses on the issue of exclusion and prejudice at the UoC, in order to raise awareness and collect personal experiences from university members.

Different forms of exclusion and their interactions are to be identified, named and reduced in order to enable a shared, unprejudiced exchange at the university. In addition to information on counselling and information offers on the topic of discrimination and the Directive on Discrimination, Sexualised Violence and Bullying, both employees and students can actively participate.

Content warning: On the following pages, various experiences of discrimination will be published and thus the reproducuction of discriminatory statements is possible.

Closing of the campaign #unboxingdiscrimination

We say THANK YOU. For your openness, your courage and your feedback. Over 60 people shared their experiences of discrimination at the University of Cologne in the context of the campaign #unboxingdiscrimination. You would like to get an insight into the different experiences? Then have a look the final video with a statement of the rector and some of the collected experiences, which are read out by persons active in the field of anti-discrimination.The statements will be evaluated anonymously. The wide range of different experiences helps us to further improve our counselling services and measures in the field of anti-discrimination, thus further reducing structural discrimination.

Although the campaign is now officially over, we hope that the topic of discrimination will continue to be discussed openly and constructively at the University of Cologne!

Experiences from the campaign

Information on different dimensions of discrimination

On the following pages, different forms of discrimination are explained. The dimensions chosen are not complete, but represent a selection of common forms of discrimination. If you have any suggestions, please write to us at gedim(at)

And what can I do against discrimination? Information about allyship can be found here.


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