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The anti-discrimination campaign #unboxingdiscrimination focuses on the issue of exclusion and prejudice at the UoC, in order to raise awareness and collect personal experiences from university members.

Different forms of exclusion and their interactions are to be identified, named and reduced in order to enable a shared, unprejudiced exchange at the university. In addition to information on counselling and information offers on the topic of discrimination and the Directive on Discrimination, Sexualised Violence and Bullying, both employees and students can actively participate.

Content warning: On the following pages, various experiences of discrimination will be published and thus the reproducuction of discriminatory statements is possible.

Share your experiences

With the contact form below, you are able to anonymously share experiences of discrimination at the UoC that have been experienced or observed. Some of the statements submitted will be published in order to draw attention to lived experiences and to identify them as specific forms of discrimination. In addition, four statements will be published on the social media channels of the UoC each semester in order to raise awareness and initiate discussion.

The experiences submitted cannot be processed within this framework. If you need further assistance, you can contact the relevant counseling and contact points at the UoC or consult the guide "What to do in cases of discrimination" (currently only available in German) for information on possible steps.

Please pay attention to our data privacy statement.

What discriminatory situation(s) have you experienced or observed?

Information on different dimensions of discrimination

On the following pages, different forms of discrimination are explained. The dimensions chosen are not complete, but represent a selection of common forms of discrimination. The site will be further expanded and filled with content in the course of 2020. If you have any suggestions, please write to us at gedim(at)

A second round of posts will begin in the winter semester 20/21!

#unboxingdiscrimination on social media

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