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Ceremonial presentation of the Jenny Gusyk equality prizes

In the second part of the event, the Jenny Gusyk Equality Awards honoured outstanding commitment.

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  •  All Jenny-Gusyk prizewinners of the year 2015 together with Mrs. Künneke, Mrs. Gäckle and Mr. Schulz
    Bild: Andreas Köstler
  • Mr Schulz with Mrs Boström.
    Bild: Andreas Köstler
  •  Mrs Künneke with Mrs Dziak-Mahler. Frau Künneke mit Frau Dziak-Mahler.
    Bild: Andreas Köstler
  • Mrs Gäckle with Mr Merl. Frau Gäckle mit Herrn Merl.
    Bild: Andreas Köstler

Kathleen Kimberly Boström (HumF) received the Jenny Gusyk "Young Talent Award" of 1,000 euros for her outstanding bachelor's thesis in psychology entitled "The Psychometric Measurement of Gender: To What Extent are Non-Binary Gender Identities Intelligent? The work is characterized by an impressively high level of reflection. It questions the binary gender model (male/female), offers suggestions for solutions and thus goes beyond the boundaries of its own discipline.

Myrle Dziak-Mahler (ZfL Center for Teacher Training) received the Jenny Gusyk Prize "Family-Friendly Leadership" in the amount of 1,000 euros. She is actively involved in improving the compatibility of family or care work and career and was therefore proposed by her team. It creates a work & team culture characterised by mutual trust, in which all team members are considered with their individual needs and meet at eye level.

Thorsten Merl (HumF) received the Jenny Gusyk "Innovation Award" in the amount of 3,000 euros. The prize stands for an innovative equality measure, in this case for the lecture series "Pedagogical Practice, Difference and Social Inequality", which took place in the SoSe 2016. The lecture series created a space for young researchers and people who position themselves as trans*, intersexual or queer to present their scientific findings. At the same time, these very categorizations were critically questioned.

For general information about the Jenny Gusyk Prize and information on how to apply, please visit the Equal Opportunities Officer page.