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Ceremonial presentation of the Jenny Gusyk equality prizes

In the second part of the event, the Jenny Gusyk Equality Awards honoured outstanding commitment.

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  • The winners of the "Innovation Award" together with Dipl.- Soz. Päd.'. Annelene Gäckle.
    Bild: Andreas Klein
  • Mrs. Gäckle and Mrs. Günter with the winners of the special prize "Innovation".
    Bild: Andreas Klein
  • The winner of the Jenny Gusyk Prize "Family Friendly Leadership", Professor Järventausta
    Bild: Andreas Klein
  • Winner of the Jenny Guysk "Innovation Award" Frederic Rukes with Mr. Schulz.
    Bild: Andreas Klein

The Jenny Gusyk "Innovation Prize" in the amount of 3,000 euros was awarded to the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Karriereweg" (Career Pathways Working Group) at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Neurology at the Medical Faculty, represented by Dr.' med. Sabine Vay. The working group, a group of six female doctors, specifically promotes and supports young female managers in the clinic.

The Jenny Gusyk Special Prize "Innovation" in the amount of 500 Euro was awarded to the Autonomous Department of the AStA "Studying with Child", represented by Mrs. Catharina Gündel, for the planned redesign of the AStA children's room for infants and toddlers.

This year's Jenny Gusyk Prize "Family-Friendly Leadership" in the amount of 1,000 euros was awarded to Professor Marja Järventausta & Professor Stephan Michael Schröder from the Faculty of Philosophy for their example of how to reconcile a family-friendly (scientific) culture, in parenthood, studies and scientific careers.

The Jenny Gusyk "Young Talent Award" in the amount of 1,000 euros was awarded to Frederic Rukes from the Faculty of Philosophy for his outstanding academic master's thesis "Strangeways, Here We Come: Queer Discourse and the Disruption of Normativity in Morrisey and the Smiths. - Examination of the lyrics of the musician Morrisey and his former band The Smiths regarding normative representations of gender and sexuality - awarded.

For general information about the Jenny Gusyk Prize and information on how to apply, please visit the Equal Opportunities Officer page.