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"Gender Equality & Diversity" Principle


The University of Cologne promotes pluralism, a variety of perspectives, and equal opportunities.

We strive to create a framework that allows people of different backgrounds and orientations access to the university if they fulfil the admission requirements.

We foster an organizational culture that appreciates individual, social, and cultural diversity and does not judge people according to preconceived stereotypes. For the university, a competent approach to diversity is an enrichment and a sign of quality. We create awareness for (un)equal opportunities, particularly in the areas gender equality, family friendliness, internationalization, interculturality, accessibility, and educational justice.

All members of the University of Cologne are responsible for fostering and upholding this mission.

Our key concerns

  • Increasing the proportion of female leaders in leadership in management, science and administration
  • Creating equal opportunities and transparent procedures in staffing, elections and support measures
  • Promoting a leadership culture in which equal opportunities are a sign of quality
  • Taking responsibility for the compatibility of family, studies and career from childrearing to elder care
  • Creating awareness for (un)equal opportunities and making diversity visible
  • Ensuring equal opportunities in talent promotion
  • Integrating Gender, Queer and Diversity Studies in research and teaching
  • Cutting down on discrimination
  • Investing in a barrier-free and family-friendly infrastructure