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Give people a voice


Information about the project

On the following pages, students and employees with health impairments/disabilities describe their everyday life at the University of Cologne, sometimes anonymously. They report on the challenges and experiences that shape their everyday study and work life and describe personal strategies and support options.

Goals of the project

  • Students, teachers and employees with disabilities/health impairments are given a forum to talk about their experiences in everyday life at the University of Cologne.

  •  Prospective students and applicants will gain an insight into what everyday life with health impairments/disabilities at the University of Cologne can be like.

  • Students, employees and lecturers at the University of Cologne who have not yet come into contact with the topic are sensitized to the individual life situations of their (fellow) students and colleagues.

The project "Giving people a voice" has developed as a measure from the action plan inclusion of the University of Cologne. It advocates an open exchange on the topic of "health impairments/disabilities" and the removal of taboos on non-visible forms of impairment.

We would like to thank the previous contributors and look forward to receiving further reports on their experiences! You too can join in!


If you have any questions about the project or about submitting your own testimonials, please feel free to contact us at the following address: stimme-geben(at)

Your contact will be treated confidentially by the members of the working group!

The members of the working group at the University of Cologne and their contact details:

  • Nicole Ernst (Vertrauensperson der schwerbehinderten Menschen an der Universität zu Köln)
    vertrauensperson-sbv(at), Tel. +49 221 470 4314
  • Susanne Groth, M.A. (Koordination Aktionsplan Inklusion, Referat Gender & Diversity Management)
    s.groth(at), Tel. +49 221 470 8394
  • Anne Haffke, M.A. (Referat Gender & Diversity Management)
    a.haffke(at), Tel. +49 221 470 3224
  • Thomas Klein (Personalmanagement)
    t.klein(at), Tel. +49 221 470 3542
  • Prof.' Dr.' Mathilde Niehaus (Aktionsplan Inklusion, Dep. Heilpädagogik und Rehabilitation)
    mathilde.niehaus(at), Tel. +49 221 470 4955
  • Frieder Schumann, M.A. (Servicezentrum Inklusion)
    f.schumann(at), Tel. +49 221 470 7716

Former members

  • Maik Myska, Moritz Raykowski, Dipl.-Kff. Petra Stemmer