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Inclusion representative*r of the employer


The person represents the University of Cologne as the employer's Inclusion Representative*r in all matters vis-à-vis severely disabled employees, the Representative Body for Severely Disabled Employees, the Staff Council for Scientific Employees and the Staff Council for Technical and Administrative Staff in accordance with § 181 SGB IX. In addition, she is the liaison person with the Employment Agency, the Integration Office and rehabilitation agencies with decision-making authority.

This person has the particular task of ensuring that the university complies with its legal obligations to protect and promote severely disabled persons. Like the Representative Body for Severely Disabled Persons, he/she shall be given the opportunity to comment on any matter that affects or could affect the interests of severely disabled employees before a decision is taken.


Eckhard Rohde (Inclusion representative of the employer)

Phone: +49 221 470-4148
E-Mail: e.rohde(at)